Reverse Auction Factory is a full Freelancing Extension for Joomla! - you can build a turnkey site similar to in just a few clicks. Using Joomla as the content management system, our extension can work with any available template and in any type of hosting.

You can test Reverse Auction Factory by clicking the menu on the left (log in as any of the three users), and check out the administrative backend by clicking on the menu on top.

Even webmasters without any PHP knowledge can configure the extension's appearance, easily using the integrated templating system. There is no need for the webmaster to change the extension's code, thus ensuring a 100% upward compatibility with our future releases. The Extension Package you get will include ALL PHP SOURCES (nothing encrypted) along with the full documentation.Setting up a turnkey Freelancer Website has never been easier.    


There are a lot of features in our Freelancing Extension:

1) Auction Types

  • Public Auctions/Jobs - Auction and Bids are visible to all other users. Bidded prices are also visible to all users of the website.
  • Private Auctions/Jobs - Auction is visible, but bids are hidden to other users.
  • Invite Only Auctions/Jobs - Only invited users can bid on that auction. Employers (Auctioneers) can invite specific users or specific groups to the auction.

2) Auction Features

  • Fully customizable through an easy templating system. You can change up to 100% any part of the frontend.
  • Several Image Galleries you can choose from
  • Multiple currencies with daily exchange rate update
  • Auctions/Jobs can be posted with file attachments and with associated images
  • Unlimited Categories
  • Custom Fields can be used to better describe an Auction
  • Custom Fields can be added to enhance User Profiles
  • Quick search with Tag clouds
  • Set up a timeframe for job completion
  • you can specify the maximum price accepted for a job
  • Support for NDA (bidders must sign an NDA before bidding)
  • Google Maps localization (for example if you post construction jobs)
  • You can make auctions Featured for a fee
  • Offending Auctions can be Reported to the Administrator
  • You can invite specific users to bid on your auction

3) Bidding Features

  • Bidders can post comments with their bids (they can explain to an extent their capabilities or limitations)
  • Bidders can attach files in their bids (for instance a signed contract or some drafts)
  • Bidders can ask buyers questions about the project
  • Watch Categories. Bidders can add specific Categories to their Watchlists and get updates for every new project posted in that category
  • Winner and seller can rate each other using the included ratings system
  • Listings for Watched Auctions, My Won Bids, My Bids
  • Search for Auctions - also by City and Country of origin

4) Payment Options

  • Included Gateways: Paypal, Moneybookers, 2Checkout, Sagepayments, Bankwire, Mollie
  • Pay directly to the Bidder
  • Pay commissions, Listing fees, featured fees to the webmaster

5) Revenue generating features (Payment Items)

  • All payment items can be enabled or disabled as needed. You have a flexible way to configure your income streams.
  • Pay per listing. Listings can cost depending on categories, you can even set up categories that are free to post into
  • Pay for featured Auctions
  • Earn commission on running Auctions
  • Pay to see the user contact information
  • Pay to be able to bid

6) SEO Features

  • fully SEF. All URLs are SEF - this way auction titles, tags, usernames get a better ranking in the search engines
  • Dynamic titles. All Auction detail pages have a dedicated unique title. Improves relevance a lot.
  • Metatags and Meta Keywords for every auction page. Using tags and description the Auction details pages have dedicated Meta information
  • Categories are displayed in a directory-like manner. Categories have description and SEF ulrs. This way relevance of category search is improved.
  • Tag cloud module

7) User Profile Features

  • Extended User Profile - Contact details and Paypal email
  • Custom profiles fields - you can add your needed fields to your user profiles
  • User Rating - General Rating, Rating as a seller, Rating as a buyer
  • Power seller Profile with preferred pricing
  • Verified Profile with preferred pricing
  • Community Builder Integration (if installed. not required)

8) Administrator Options

  • Auction Management - can change, block, delete auctions
  • Messaging System with the auctioneers - Admin can send messages to Sellers
  • Import, Export, Backup, Restore Auctions
  • Category Management - Endless Category levels
  • Payments Management - Enable/Disable Payment items, Manually add payments, Manually approve pending payments
  • User Management
  • Reported Auction management - review and block offending Auctions
  • Manage user ratings

For a better product insight please check also our product documentation which describes in detail, all available features and settings of the extension. If any questions, don't hesitate to ask using the ticket system or our forum.